February Wrap-Up


There’s still one day left of February but since I won’t finish a book or write a review before then I’ll post this wrap-up now. I had an okay-ish reading month. I could have gotten more done but oh well. Lately I’ve been focusing on my Gilmore Girls rewatch ❤


crush by richard sikenCrush
by Richard Siken

I’d heard of Richard Siken for a while because he’s often quoted online, and one night I decided to check him out finally and I didn’t regret it. I don’t read poetry often but this was beautiful. I didn’t rate it because it’s hard for me to rate poetry, especially if I’ve only read it once, but I really enjoyed most of the poems in this book. 

“I don’t really blame you for being dead but you can’t have your sweater back.”

daughter of smoke and bone reviewDaughter of Smoke and Bone 
by Laini Taylor

I loved this so much. Such an unique story and beautiful writing. I’d definitely recommend it.

5/5 stars + a new favorite!




throne of glass reviewThrone of Glass
by Sarah J. Maas

I finally don’t feel like an outsider anymore for not having read this book! Sadly it wasn’t all that, but I’ve heard the series improves so don’t worry, I’ll continue!

2/5 stars





The Basic Eight the basic eight by daniel handler
by Daniel Handler

I started this on a whim because I was curious, but I haven’t had the time to finish it yet because I had to prioritize a library book. I’m only 15% in but it seems like it could be a fun and disturbing one so I can’t wait to get into it properly. 




norsk fantasyBlodets Galskap
by Elisabeth Øvreberg

This is the library book I had to prioritize. It’s a Norwegian fantasy and I’m not quite sure how I feel about it yet. The basic premise is interesting but I’m not liking the way the omniscient narrator works and the instalove is a bit too much for me (even though it’s refreshing that it’s one sided and not straight). 



Other reviews written this month

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bookstagramIn other news, I decided to create a bookstagram, @ anettereads! (Instagram account focused on books) I’m not the most skilled photographer or anything but it’s a fun way to talk about books. Please check it out and follow if you’d like! 




Tell me about the best and the worst you read in February! 

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6 thoughts on “February Wrap-Up

  1. Jess I. says:

    I had a not-so-hot reading month as well, with only four books read. We are like opposites with Throne of Glass and DOSAB– I loved ToG but couldn’t get past the first 50 pages of DOSAB! Either way, I hope you enjoy CoM more. I’m on Heir of Fire and it’s my goal to catch up on the series this year.


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