Review Policy

Hi, author! I appreciate you decided to check out my review policy. Please only email me if you think your book fits my criteria. 

  • Young Adult only
  • I prefer the genres dystopian and apocalyptic fiction, mysteries, thrillers, horror, (light) sci-fi, and fantasy. I also really appreciate books with LGBTQA characters in them.
  • Overall I like darker books. That can mean scary, thrilling, “angsty”, etc. A book doesn’t have to be dark for me to love it, but it’s a plus.
  • If your book is pure romance I probably won’t accept it unless it’s M/M or F/F then I’ll take a look at your synopsis and consider.
  • I will consider reviewing self-published books if you pitch it to me and tell me a little bit about it. You have to be able to guarantee that it went through a few edits and that it isn’t littered with typos, grammatical errors, and glaring plot holes. 
  • I own a kindle so I’ll accept ebooks.
  • I definitely do not read books in a series out of order, that does no one any justice.
  • My reviews will be completely honest, but fair and respectful. If I don’t like your book I’ll write why in my review but I won’t trash you as an author.
  • I will try to read the book ASAP but I can’t make any promises. 
  • I can’t guarantee you a review even if I do accept your book. 
  • If I DNF your book I won’t post a review on this blog but I’ll write why I didn’t finish it in a review on goodreads. I’ll notify you should I DNF.
  • I recommend glancing through my previous reviews here on my blog or my bookshelves on Goodreads to see what kind of books I’ve liked and hated. 

If you’d like to contact me for a review please fill out this form. Alternatively, if it’s hard to write in such small boxes, make a similar form in your email and write everything in there. But please try to include all the information I want. 

Have a nice day! 🙂

(psst, try to spell my name right in your review requests. Just a pet peeve of mine.)