Top 5 Wednesday (6) | DNF books

top 5 wednesday

Top 5 Wednesday was created by gingerreadslainey. If you want to join Top 5 Wednesday take a look at the Goodreads group!

The topic of today is books you didn’t finish. This topic is similar to one that we had for Top Ten Tuesday not too long ago, so I’ll try to pick some different books for this one. 

I haven’t posted much on my blog this far in November, I’m afraid NaNoWriMo is eating my soul. Bear with me! 

Titles lead to the books’ Goodreads pages. 

TELL THE WOLVES I’M HOME (carol rifka brunt)

Tell the wolves I'm homeHow beautiful is this title? Guh. I admit I only bought this book because of the title. I’m only about 50 pages or so in, but I’ve placed this book on my “on hold” shelf. I intend to come back to it, but as of now I have so many other books that I prioritize. This is a YA coming-of-age novel set in the 80s, and it’s about June who lost her uncle to AIDS and soon finds out he was gay. I’ve heard this is a really emotional book and I’m going to finish it eventually.



MR. MONSTER (Dan wells)

Dan WellsThis is the second book in the YA fantasy-thriller series series about a teenage boy obsessed with serial killers. The first book was alright, but I wasn’t too keen on the fantasy aspect of the story, so I gave it three stars. This one I just forgot to continue, whoops.






LUMIÈRE (Jacqueline garlick)

LumièreThis is one that I got from NetGalley as a free e-book, but unfortunately I couldn’t get through it. It was just weird and the main character was annoying and some of the things she did didn’t make sense to me. I haven’t read steampunk before so that was cool, but eh. No.

NEUROPATH (scott bakker)

NeuropathThis is a psychological crime thriller and I don’t remember 100% what it’s about, but it’s got something to do with experiments being done on human brains in order to control them. I think. I didn’t finish it and I don’t really remember why either, I guess it didn’t grab me enough. 






A.S. KingTechnically this book is “on hold” because it’s really good and I don’t actually want to DNF it, but I haven’t picked it up since 2012… The reason for that is because I only have it on my phone and even though I’m used to reading fanfiction on my phone I don’t like reading books like that, for some reason. So I hope I can get it on my kindle eventually. 

Have you read any of these books? Is there one I should try to prioritize? 

Book Traveling Thursday (9) | Favorite Family

book traveling thursday
It’s Thursday and time for another Book Traveling Thursday. This weekly 
meme was created by Cátia @ The Girl Who Read Too Much and Danielle @ Danielle’s Book Blog. Visit their Goodreads group to learn more about Book Traveling Thursday 🙂

The rules are to share covers related to the weekly theme where you include the original cover, the cover from your country, your favorite, and your least favorite.

This week’s theme is a book that features your favorite bookish family. I figured everyone would pick the Weasleys, but apparently everyone was thinking that so I haven’t seen someone I follow who picked them so I’ll do it. I’ll try to narrow my favorites and least favorites down from the last time I picked a Harry Potter book. 

I’m picking Chamber of Secrets (1998), because that’s the first time we really get a good look into this family. 

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Discussion: Authorial intent or the reader’s interpretation, what matters more?

authorial intent

I read this really great discussion post by Aentee @ Read At Midnight about authorial intent VS. the reader’s interpretationThis happens to be a topic I’m very passionate about, so I left my opinions on it in a comment on her post, but I also realized I wanted to contribute to the discussion on my blog. So this is a kind of reply to the discussion Aentee started. 

What we’re talking about here is whether or not the author’s intent with a story matters more than the reader’s interpretation of it. From having studied literature, I know some critics say no it doesn’t matter, and some say yes it does matter. Me? I usually say it doesn’t. 

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Book Fangirling Award

book fangirling award

I was nominated a while ago for this very fitting award (I’m such a fangirl) by Ashely @ Socially Awkward Bookworm. Thanks a lot! 

I decided to do this one today instead of Top Ten Tuesday, because I can’t think of that many debut authors I’ve read except Becky Albertalli and Jesse Andrews. 




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  • Answer the questions I have below.
  • Nominate between 5-10 book bloggers who you think also deserve this award.
  • Come up with your own 5 questions for your nominees.


1. What book did everyone like and you hated?

Ransom Riggs

Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children. Meh. I’m still sad it wasn’t scary. [review]

2. Book/s that put you in a ridiculous reading slump.Jesse Andrews

I don’t know if there was a specific book that did it, I think think so. But the last meh book I read was Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. [review]

3. Name a book you wish more people knew about


The blogging community knows about it, but not regular readers who don’t pay attention to blogs and booktubers etc. V.E. Schwab, but especially Vicious [review], as that’s the best one. Fight me. More people outside the book community need to discover the wonders of Patrick Ness too. 

4. Name a book/s you wish they’d turn into a movie.

gone series

I think the Gone series by Michael Grant could make a pretty cool TV show similar to The 100 (and The Tribe), but with more gore and other disturbing things. As far as I know there’s been talk of turning it into a show for quite some time now, but I don’t think anything’s set in stone yet. 

5. Favorite booktuber(s)?

I love Regan and Caz, they’re the only ones I watch every single video by. I love how they’re so natural, they’re not too showy or in your face (those people can get exhausting after a while even though they’re fun to watch) but they’re still entertaining. I also really value their opinions, even if we don’t always agree. Plus their videos have such pretty coloring. I’m a sucker for nice coloring. 


My fangirly questions For you

  1. What’s the first book you remember being really obsessed by? 
  2. Who’s your book OTP? 
  3. Do you read/write fanfiction? If so, what kind? 
  4. What kind of merch do you own? (Include pictures if you want!)
  5. Now for the most important question. What’s your Hogwarts house? 


I nominate: 

Jenna @ Reading With Jenna
Giovanna @ Book Coma
Sarah @ The YA Book Traveler
Trisha Ann @ The Bookgasm
Victoria @ Addlepates and Book Nerds
Cristina @ My Tiny Obsessions
Lucy @ The Reading Emporium
And YOU!

As always, feel free to ignore if you can’t be bothered to do it or you don’t do tags in general.