Throne of Glass Read-Along (Expectations VS Reality)

throne of glass book

Hey guys! As some of you may know I’m doing a Throne of Glass read-along this week with Trang @ Bookidote, Lora Shouse @ Ettria, and Luke Taylor. I’ve been planning on reading this book for quite some time now, possibly two years or more, and I had to take advantage of Trang’s read-along. 

Now, I’m 77% into the book, so let’s talk about expectations vs reality. 

Before I went into this book I didn’t know much about the plot itself, but I knew a lot about what people have been saying about it generally. For example that it’s not as action-packed as it might seem, but instead focuses a lot on the love-triangle and on pretty people’s pretty clothing. So knowing this, I didn’t go into it expecting a page-turning masterpiece, my expectations were low. However, I’ve heard the second book gets a lot better so my expectations for that one are considerably higher. 

Expectation: Super hot heroine who’s also super talented and arrogant and annoying as heck
Reality: Super hot and talented heroine who yes, thinks quite highly of herself and her skills. I don’t actually find her that annoying though, but her characterization is a bit inconsistent. And we don’t really see a lot of her talent, it’s mostly Celaena telling us she’s talented. Okay, sure, but show me instead, stop telling me. 

Expectation: Love triangle
Reality: Love triangle

Expectation: More focus on said love triangle than asskicking
Reality: More focus on said love triangle than asskicking. It’s like the love story is the main plot while the contest and the gruesome murders of the champions are sub-plots. It’s like Maas could barely be bothered to tell us about these interesting things, she throws in a sentence about them here and there because she has to before going back to the romance

throne of glass

Expectation: Some guy named Chaol is supposed to be the shit because people talk about him everywhere and they also can’t seem to decide how to pronounce his name (Basically his name sounds like “kale”, which makes him way less sexy LOL)
Reality: Chaol is boring and dry, and, like a piece of cardboard, has no personality to speak of

chaol westfall

Expectation: The other guy must be terrible if I never hear about him
Reality: Dorian is a one-dimensional character too but I like him better than Chaol. Someone please give these poor boys some personality and something to actually do besides stare at Celaena

chaol and dorian

Me @ Chaol and Dorian


Expectation: Some girl named Nehemia is likeable
Reality: I like Nehemia. I doubt she’s up to no good, what Celaena saw in the library made it seem like she was possessed or controlled or something

So I got pretty much what I expected, that’s why I’m not let down by this book even though I’m not a very big fan of it. I don’t hate it, I’m not bored to tears or anything, but it’s not very good and it doesn’t focus on the right things. I knew what I was getting into and I guess this just proves the value of reviews. Like I said, I expect more from the sequel because I’ve heard from reliable sources that it gets a lot better. 

I’ll tell you guys more about what I think of this book in my review after I’m done reading.

If you’ve read Throne of Glass, were your expectations met? 

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31 thoughts on “Throne of Glass Read-Along (Expectations VS Reality)

  1. Sara @ freadomlibrary says:

    I always say that I had a different perspective going into the first book because I read the novellas first and that’s a lot more action packed and you get a lot deeper in Celaena’s characterization in them. The reasons why she is the way she is in Throne of Glass are talked about in the Assassin’s Blade and since I read those first, I wasn’t as annoyed with her in the first book. Crown of Midnight is a lot better in my opinion so I hope you continue anyway

    Liked by 1 person

  2. cat says:

    TOG far exceeded my expectations. Read Assassins Blade next (I always recommend reading it FIRST) because TOG hits you way more.

    The books gets more intense as it goes on, by QOS you will likely be flailing.


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  3. Ashley W says:

    As someone who honestly loves this series I can completely agree with you. The first book is just….eh. Its boring and tedious for no reason and sets us up for a (possible spoiler) nonexistent love triangle. The whole first book your like…ok…do some stuff. But I promise the next book has a lot of action and super crazy plot developing scenes.


  4. Carrianne says:

    I totally felt the same way. Everyone was sooooo into the series and I was riding the high from ACOTAR so I was like, “YEAH THRONE OF GLASS.” Get to it aaaaand I was like, “Wait…you’re an assassin, right?? Still waiting for the asskickery you’re supposedly so good at it.” Not team Chaol whatsoever in any way. Or Dorian, though I liked his dynamic with Celaena a little better.


  5. transhaan says:

    Hahha omg you did it perfectly LOL niice one !! It’s so funny how we had different expectations but we still annoy by the lack of actions HAHA although you knew it alreadyy before hand XD and I was going into it alll excited about assassin’s-skills-action-time !

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  6. Bound to Be Me says:

    I’m reading this book as well and am about where you are. But I feel the same way about the book. Right now I am probably going to give the book a three star rating but I still have about 14 to go and the ending might change how I feel about the book.


  7. Ashley says:

    I am a Dorian fan. I didn’t really like Chaol all that much. I really didn’t like Throne of Glass all that much though. It bored me to death. It didn’t start getting good until the last 150 pages for me. It took me forever just to get through the book. The ending did make me want to see what happens next and a lot of people swear it gets better as the series goes on. I’ve been putting off picking up the second book since I finished the first book though.


    • Anette @ Anette Reads says:

      Glad to find someone who doesn’t like Chaol, I seem to only hear about him when I see people talk about Throne of Glass XD I’m actually quite excited to pick up the second book, but only because everyone swears it gets so much better. If I find that it doesn’t then I probably won’t continue the series. I’ll let you know what I think if I get to it before you do 🙂

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  8. healed1337 says:

    There is a bit of action toward the end of the book, but there isn’t as much as the second cover would suggest. That caught me off guard too. I agree that Chaol’s personality is a bit … dry, but I didn’t see Dorian as 1-dimmensional. He at least has some motivations besides “ohh, Celina pretty.”

    Overall I thought this book is good, but not great.


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