Throne of Glass Read-Along (Expectations VS Reality)

throne of glass book

Hey guys! As some of you may know I’m doing a Throne of Glass read-along this week with Trang @ Bookidote, Lora Shouse @ Ettria, and Luke Taylor. I’ve been planning on reading this book for quite some time now, possibly two years or more, and I had to take advantage of Trang’s read-along. 

Now, I’m 77% into the book, so let’s talk about expectations vs reality. 

Before I went into this book I didn’t know much about the plot itself, but I knew a lot about what people have been saying about it generally. For example that it’s not as action-packed as it might seem, but instead focuses a lot on the love-triangle and on pretty people’s pretty clothing. So knowing this, I didn’t go into it expecting a page-turning masterpiece, my expectations were low. However, I’ve heard the second book gets a lot better so my expectations for that one are considerably higher. 

Expectation: Super hot heroine who’s also super talented and arrogant and annoying as heck
Reality: Super hot and talented heroine who yes, thinks quite highly of herself and her skills. I don’t actually find her that annoying though, but her characterization is a bit inconsistent. And we don’t really see a lot of her talent, it’s mostly Celaena telling us she’s talented. Okay, sure, but show me instead, stop telling me. 

Expectation: Love triangle
Reality: Love triangle

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I dog ear my books, do you?

dog-earing books

I came to think about this last week when I dog-eared my copy of Daughter of Smoke and Bone. Dog-earing will always be a “feud” us readers have, but I’m curious, do you dog-ear your books? I sure do. I do have some bookmarks so I don’t always do it, but when I do I don’t feel guilty or bad for doing it.

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Discussion: Authorial intent or the reader’s interpretation, what matters more?

authorial intent

I read this really great discussion post by Aentee @ Read At Midnight about authorial intent VS. the reader’s interpretationThis happens to be a topic I’m very passionate about, so I left my opinions on it in a comment on her post, but I also realized I wanted to contribute to the discussion on my blog. So this is a kind of reply to the discussion Aentee started. 

What we’re talking about here is whether or not the author’s intent with a story matters more than the reader’s interpretation of it. From having studied literature, I know some critics say no it doesn’t matter, and some say yes it does matter. Me? I usually say it doesn’t. 

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So how about this genderbent Twilight…


I’m sorry in advance if you like Twilight, I just enjoy poking fun at it. I used to love the series back when they were being published, but things change and I’ve come to my senses. My teasing is (mostly) all in good fun though even if I really don’t like this series anymore.  

Anyway. You all probably know about this by now, but today Stephenie Meyer released a 10 year anniversary edition of Twilight that includes a whole new novel called Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined. It’s a genderbent version, all characters have swapped sexes and genders (except Charlie and Renée, apparently?). I’m horrified but I know I’ll end up reading it because I simply cannot resist. Is this really what she decided to write instead of a sequel to The Host though 

Okay, so we have Beaufort “Beau” Swan and Edythe Cullen. There’s also Julie Black and her pack of female werewolves, which is pretty cool, gotta admit. But Beau, really? I haven’t seen such a Gary Stu name in a long time, I thought the vampires were the ones that were supposed to have ancient sounding names but alright. Also what’s wrong with just Edith, why annoy my eyes like that?

One other good thing about this though, is that Alice/Archie will get more time to shine and possibly more backstory. It’s not a secret that pretty much all the other vampires except Edward are actually really interesting. 

But personally I’m more interested in the version where badass biker chick and werewolf Julie Black is all about the ladies and gets it on with the dazzling~ Edythe Cullen in a fierce love/hate relationship, while bland little Beau skulks in the background the way he should. Now that’s a retelling I’m all about. Missed opportunity. 

I have wanted to read about female supernatural monsters with human boys though, but I didn’t think it would be Twilight… 

I read an article that said Meyer wrote this book to somehow prove that Twilight doesn’t portray sexist stereotypes…. Right. I don’t know how this is going to prove anything. It’s going to be interesting to see how female stalkers are perceived though because we all know it’s sexy when the menz do it, but what about when women do it?   

For now I’m having a lot of fun with the hashtag #sparkletime on Twitter, where a user is livetweeting her reading of the book as we speak. It’s hilarious, go check out her tweets. 

Anyway, I just wanted to briefly talk about this. I haven’t read it yet so I don’t have many thoughts on it other than “LOL” and “WHY”. My morbid curiosity will get the better of me in the end, I’ll let you know when I’ll be reading it because you better believe I’ll be livetweeting the experience too. I always ignored Midnight Sun because it seemed so boring, but at least this has some entertainment value to it, if only in the names (Jessamine???). 

What is your reaction to this? Will you be reading it? Are you excited? Horrified? Do you not give a shit? What do you think Beau and Edythe will name their child??? Would Edythe even be able to get pregnant without the venom sperm? Will E.L. James write a genderbent Fifty Shades of GreySO MANY QUESTIONS.   

RANT: Book Snobs

You know what makes me irrationally angry? Book snobs. Or any kind of snobs, really. Book snobs, music snobs, gaming snobs, etc. 

This is a rant that just fell out of me after stumbling across some snobs online. Nothing has been directed at me that made this rant be born, but reading it just made me so annoyed.

You know what I’m talking about, the kind of people who go “You’ve only watched the movies? You’re not a real fan!!!” 

“You’ve only heard this one album and you call yourself a fan? Get back to me when you know the name of every single song the band has ever made and you should also know the exact date each album came out!!!!”

Please stab me in the eye and get off your high horse, will you. 

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