Fairyloot Unboxing (January 2017 box)

fairyloot unboxing

Hey, guys! It’s been ten months since I received my last Fairyloot box, that one was actually their first box as well so there were discounts all around. I decided to order another one when I saw that January’s theme was “Mystery and Mischief” and that the box would have something for Sherlock Holmes fans. I couldn’t resist. 

Fairyloot is a UK based bookish subscription box and for us Europeans it’s more affordable than Owlcrate and those other non-European boxes. However, Fairyloot’s shipping prices to Norway (my country) is actually really high, which is not their fault of course, so to me it’s actually more expensive than Owlcrate… woe is me. HOWEVER I like the content in Fairyloot more than Owlcrate, so here I go again. RIP my wallet. 



They’ve amped up the box since the first one that I got. So sleek and pretty. 

And let’s open this thing. 




Ahhh, so exciting! Let’s take a closer look at the contents:

  • A Ron Weasley Funko Mini (I love Funkos and I love Ron, so this was A+)
  • A Night Circus pillow case designed by Risa Rodil (I haven’t read The Night Circus but I’ve been meaning to)
  • A delicious smelling candle by Heather at Meraki Candles, themed after this month’s book
  • How To Think Like Sherlock by Daniel Smith (hardcover book YAY)
  • An exclusive rose necklace, themed after this month’s book, by Oh Panda Eyes
  • An exclusive Alice in Wonderland bookmark by Read At Midnight
  • An Alchemists of Loom bookmark (I don’t know what this is but hey, everyone needs more bookmarks)
  • A Passenger notebook
  • A Jackaby free chapter download code postcard (I’ve heard of this book so I’ll probably download the first chapter now that I have this)
  • And last but not least, the book! Caraval by Stephanie Garber. I’ve been seeing this get a lot of hype around the blogosphere, so I’m excited to read it. I’m 30 pages in and it seems promising. 

Here are some close-ups of some of the items I felt deserved a close-up.







They said that Caraval has 4 possible covers (under the dust jacket) and this is the one I got. Now it’s time to troll the Fairyloot tag to see what the others look like. So pretty. 

I really loved everything in this box, it’s definitely my favorite of the two. 


So that was my second Fairyloot unboxing, yay! What do you think of the contents? Have you gotten your hands on Caraval yet? 

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5 thoughts on “Fairyloot Unboxing (January 2017 box)

    • Anette Reads says:

      I’m a bit like that too but sometimes it’s fun to take a chance! I went for this one because “mystery and mischief” sounded like my kind of thing, plus they mentioned Sherlock Holmes. I’d say pick a theme you’re most likely to be into and just go for it 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Chiqui @ YA Lit Reads says:

    I got mine recently too! And we have the same dress cover lol 😂 Jealous of your Ron Weasley funko though! I got a GoT one and I don’t watch/read GoT so I was like.. who is this person I just got.. LOL


  2. amortalreader1 says:

    Oh my gosh this month looks absolutely wonderful! I didn’t get it sadly, I received an ARC of Caraval though so i didn’t miss out on the story yaaay!
    But all the other bits look so good, I love fairyloot. I must order some more!


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