January 2017 Wrap-Up


January is the month for getting ahead on your Goodreads challenge. My goal this year is 60, and I read 10 this month. I’m very happy with that. A lot of them were Norwegian audiobooks, because I’m trying to read more Norwegian literature. 


3682A Great and Terrible Beauty

by Libba Bray

I’d heard a lot of good things about this series, but I wasn’t too impressed with this first one. It was good, but not as good as I’d hoped.  This is historical fiction with a fantasy twist. The characters are great, the dialogue is believable, but overall it didn’t quite grab me. I much prefer Libba Bray’s satirical Beauty Queens

3/5 stars


by Erlend Loe

Here I am, trying to read more of the Norwegian books every Norwegian has already read. This book (it’s also been translated into English) is the first in a trilogy about Doppler, a man who’s sick of people and of being “good”, and so he moves into the woods and adopts a baby elk called Bongo. It’s hilarious, it’s just my kind of weird and dry humor. Read this and laugh. It works perfectly on its own so you don’t have to commit to the trilogy unless you want to. Plus it’s really short. 

4/5 stars

26813373Volvo Trucks (Volvo Lastvagnar)
by Erlend Loe

This is the sequel to Doppler, but can also be read on its own. I think an English translation exists but I couldn’t find a cover photo on Goodreads to go with it. Doppler is still in the woods with Bongo, but this time his son is with him and they meet an old lady who smokes weed and dances in the kitchen. Still funny, but not as funny as the first one. 

3/5 stars

29540038The Couple Next Door
by Shari Lapena

I’ve been seeing this one around a lot, so when we received an ARC at work I had to start reading it during my lunch break. The beginning was so good that when I came home I decided to listen to the rest on audio. I liked the first half a lot, the second half a little bit less. Still, this was a pretty good thriller/crime novel. Definitely a page-turner, and similar-ish to The Girl on the Train

3.5/5 stars

I morgen er alt mørkt: Brages historie av Sigbjørn Mostue (Heftet)I morgen er alt mørkt: Brages historie
by Sigbjørn Mostue

More Norwegian, young adult apocalyptic fiction this time. This trilogy hasn’t been translated I think, so I’ll keep it brief. Zombies. The world crumbles. It felt very much like The Walking Dead. There’s an actual focus on the rest of the world as well, which is nice, I always wonder what’s going on in the rest of the world in all these American disaster books and movies. I liked this a lot, there was a lot of action and rarely any down-time. 

4/5 stars

27127088I morgen er alt mørkt: Marlens historie
by Sigbjørn Mostue

This is the sequel to the book above. It’s also good, but around the halfway point the main character (a girl) was gang raped and it just felt so unnecessary that it dragged the whole book down for me. Another girl was raped in the first one, so I’m just like… stop. They already have zombies to worry about, what’s the point in doing this to them as well? Not feeling it. I’ll still finish the trilogy though, just not yet.

3/5 stars

18403375Så vakker du er
by Brynjulf Jung Tjønn

This was really short, like 100 pages. Again, no translation exists, but it’s about a boy whose uncle is dying. He’s also in love with a girl. It’s a beautifully written story, almost like a poem, but really hard for me to rate because for some reason I always have trouble rating short-stories. 

undecided rating


17370618The Dream Thieves
by Maggie Stiefvater

Yesss, I finally got around to continuing this series! I still love it. It’s is so great, everyone should read it. I love every single character and the writing is stunning. Hallelujah. 

5/5 stars



22907937Dangerous Boys
by Abigail Haas

This wasn’t as good as Dangerous Girls, noooo. I’m so sad. It was still good though! It was just slightly more predictable to me, I wasn’t all that surprised at how it turned out. But then again, Dangerous Girls is more “what happened/who did it?” while Dangerous Boys focuses more on the “how did it come to this?” so I can’t exactly fault it for that. 

3.5/5 stars


604635Naïve. Super (Naiv. Super)
by Erlend Loe

I managed to squeeze in this short audiobook at the very last day of the month. This is another humorous book about a young man who doesn’t quite belong and hasn’t found his place in the world. He worries about time. He writes lists. About everything. I had fun with this but I prefer Doppler

3/5 stars



by Stephanie Garber

I got this in a subscription box yesterday. I’m so excited. I hadn’t actually looked into this book, I’d only seen the hype going on all around me and kind of just dismissed it for some unknown reason. When I opened up the box last night I finally did some research and it looks pretty up my alley. I’ve only barely started though, I’ve read about 30 pages. It’s very promising this far. 



I’m really trying to catch up on my reviews, so here’s what I reviewed last month. 


So that’s my January wrap-up! What did you guys read last month? Any new favorites? Any giant flops?

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9 thoughts on “January 2017 Wrap-Up

  1. Lashaan and Trang (Bookidote) says:

    I just saw Caraval email from Indigo Chaptes a few seconds ago! :O I’m curious to see what you think of it 😀 AND YESS The Raven Boys oh did I postpone that series but I trust your rating after our adventures 😉 This one in on top of my priority! – Trang


  2. Sofia @ BookishWanderess says:

    A Great and Terrible Beauty has been on my tbr for ages, I got the book so long ago but then I started hearing mixed comments about it and I didn’t end up reading it. Maybe now that I don’t have high expectations I will enjoy it more. I’m glad you liked it, even if it wasn’t as good as you were hoping. I think I will give it a chance soon because I’m still intrigued by it.


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