Most Memorable Characters I “Met” in 2016

memorable characters

I got the idea from this post after I considered doing the “2016 End of Year Survey” but found it to be too long and it quickly became repetitive as I kept answering the same few books for multiple questions. But I really wanted to answer this question, so I’m making it into a post of its own. 

I’m going to be talking about the characters from the last reading year that are the freshest in my mind. Who stayed with me? Who do I remember as if they were a real person, or at least almost a real person?  Alternatively, who did just really like? 

So here they are, in no particular order. 

daughter of smoke and bone

Karou and Brimstone by Calivel

art by Calivel @ deviantArt

These two are both so vivid in my head, despite their very strange forms. The fact that I could so easily imagine them before even searching for any type of fanart or illustration says a lot I think. I also really love Karou, but Madrigal… Oh, Madrigal.

I tried to find some fanart that depicts her the way I see her, but for some reason I always saw her as dark-skinned and I can’t find any art like that 😦 Boo. So here is one of Brimstone and Karou instead. 




the raven boys gansey

the raven boys ganseyAlright, I’ve only read the first book in The Raven Cycle, and I really do love all the Raven Boys (and Blue!) but this far, Gansey is the most “alive” and vivid character to me. He has these quirks that make him a real person. This might change when I get more into the next book, which seems to center more around Ronan?

I’m scared to search for any fanart art in case of spoilers, so I’ll just settle for the book cover. 




art by priscilangpriscilang @deviantArt

Poor Auggie. He’s memorable to me because of his story and what he went through. Auggie is a little boy with severe facial deformity which makes him hard to look at for some and downright frightening to look at for others. There are some details in the book that I don’t remember, but I’ll always remember Auggie and his journey. I think this should be a must-read books for all children. 


beauty queens petraI can’t say much about Petra without spoiling what her story and her background is, but I don’t think it would be spoiling too much to say she’s trans. I just really enjoyed her background, it would be so interesting and unique to have a whole entire book just based on that. Imagine that journey! I want it, I need it. Give it to me. 

Couldn’t find any art, boo. 




illuminae aidanWhile Illuminae was a bit disappointing overall, I really fell for these two. Yes, I remember these characters better than both Kady and Ezra. McNulty had personality and humor, and I loved him so much. I haven’t been this emotional over a character in a while. He was so incredibly vivid to me when I read it. AIDAN was just fantastic. Gotta love me some rogue AIs. “Don’t look at me.” Chills.illuminae aidan

scorpius malfoy

art by arisupaints @deviantArt

Another disappointing book, but everyone loves Scorpius. What an absolute blessing of a child. Finally we get to see more sweet and lovable Slytherins. Draco did something right with this one. I’m just upset the rest of the play wasn’t as good as Scorpius was. 

I’m not going to tell you how long it took me to find some art I wanted to use for this… 



Merricat is different. She’s childlike, creepy, and you never really know what’s up with her until the end. She was wonderful to read about. I have to add Constance as well though, because her agoraphobia was really palpable and I really felt for her throughout the story. Yay for strange sibling dynamics and overall very strange characters! I wish I’d read this while still in uni, I’d definitely write an essay on it. 

I also get the children’s rhyme stuck in my head from time to time. 

merricat said constance



All the characters in this book are extremely vivid and realistic, but these two will stay with me the longest. Well, Sissy as well. I enjoyed reading about Francie’s love for books and stories and about her journey into adulthood. I really liked how much Francie loved her father despite him being an alcoholic, and I also loved how Johnny was kind and tried so hard to be a good father but kept failing. He wasn’t a violent drunk, he was just unhappy because he’s a dreamer in a world where his dreams can’t come true. I’m so sad for Johnny. 



Tell me some of the most memorable characters you “met” last year!

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19 thoughts on “Most Memorable Characters I “Met” in 2016

  1. Reg @ She Latitude says:

    I’m not familiar with most of your choices but I love, love, LOVE Gansey so much. He was very well-written and his character really came alive in that whole series – his quirks, the way he speaks. Maggie Stiefvater wrote him (and most other characters in The Raven Cycle) so, so well. 🙂


  2. cw @ readthinkponder says:

    Ooh I haven’t met some of these characters but YES. PETRA FROM BEAUTY QUEENS. In fact, I kinda love all the characters in that gorgeous book. I especially liked Shanti and Nicole’s friendship, particularly the sinking sand scene! I laughed so so much. 😂


  3. Mari - Flukten fra virkeligheten says:

    What a great list, Anette. I love Brimstone and the others in DoSaB too.

    I think I have to say Fred, George and Luna Lovegood was among my favorites from last year. As the last reader in the blogosphere I finally started the Harry Potter series. Only one book left now. Also I character that will stay with me for quite some time is a nameless narrator from a Norwegian YA novel.


  4. Marie @ drizzleandhurricanebooks says:

    I love your choices so, so much! AIDEN, what a unique, CRAZY character, I LOVE HIM SO SO MUCH. Does that make me crazy? I have no idea haha. Also, I 100% agree with you about Ronan, he’s so ALIVE and human and well-crafted, I love him the most I think, though I admire every single character in this series 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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