Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag

I wasn’t tagged by anyone, but I love this tag and I did it last year (at least I think I did) so I feel like I have to do it again this year. How are we halfway through 2016 already?? Yikes.

The tag was created by Chami @ ReadLikeWildFire and Ely @ Ely Jayne. It’s where we look back at (and freak out over) the books we’ve read during the past six months.

Best Book You’ve Read So Far In 2016

13600168Possibly Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor, which I read in early February. I really love that book a lot, the writing is just stunning and so is the world-building. I have to say though that The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater might be a close runner-up, as well as Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.





Best Sequel You’ve Read So Far In 2016

22363172I’ve only read one sequel so far this year, so the award must go to Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor. I loved it though, I gave it 4.5 stars.






New Release You Haven’t Read Yet, But Want To

2603069728696452This Savage Song by V.E. Schwab is high on my tbr. So is Fellside by M.R. Carey. I’ve purchased both and they’re sitting on my shelf waiting for me to pick them up. I might actually be more excited about Fellside at the moment (I really loved The Girl With All the Gifts and Fellside seems to be about ghosts!), but we’ll see which one I end up liking more.


Most Anticipated Release for the Second Half of the Year

29056083Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I’m running to the bookstore on the day it’s released #nostalgia Well, the day after, because stores are closed on Sundays here ;_; NO POST BOOKS ON SUNDAYS. RIP.





Biggest Disappointment

22055262A Darker Shade of Magic, hands down. I was so excited for this. SO EXCITED. The hype is real. But then I read it, and I honestly really despised it, mostly because it didn’t click with me and I found it boring. I know I’m in the minuscule minority here, don’t kill me.





Biggest Surprise

25392545Carry On by Rainbow Rowell. I thought I’d dislike this, but I ended up really enjoying it. I disliked Fangirl, and I thought this would just end up as a bad Drarry parody, but aside from the fact that Simon and Baz are clearly inspired by Harry and Draco, Carry On is its own thing. Mostly. There were a few things in the beginning that struck me as too similar, but as the story went on it started standing on its own two legs. And Simon and Baz are precious cinnamon rolls. Bless.


Favourite New Author (Debut or New To You)

Laini Taylor. Just new to me, obviously. I’m also loving the writing style of Maggie Stiefvater, Ernest Cline, and Matthew Quick, but I’ve only read one book by each of them.

Newest Fictional Crush

I’m not sure if I’d call them crushes, but read the answer below.

Newest Favourite Character

Adam and Gansey from The Raven Boys. Sorry to be wholly unoriginal, but they really captured my attention more than I expected. I really didn’t expect such well written characters at all. I think I need to read more of the books to be able to choose between them. I’m leaning towards Gansey just a little bit because he’s a weirdo and something is up with him and his old-timey shit.

Book That Made You Cry

25524728I don’t really cry while reading, but Illuminae almost got me at one point, funnily enough.






Book That Made You Happy

25392545I’m going to have to say Carry On again, because of that self-indulgent, sappy, and domestic epilogue in the style of every fanfic epilogue ever. It’s just what I wanted and needed.






Favorite Book to Film Adaptation

I can’t think of that many, but I’m probably forgetting some. I really enjoyed both Room and Me Before You though. Room was emotional and hard-hitting, and Me Before You was mostly hilarious, ironically enough. I laughed so hard several times.

Favorite Post You Have Done This Year

This is hard because I’ve been terrible at blogging this year. I thought my Throne of Glass: Expectations VS Reality was quite fun.

Most Beautiful Book You’ve Bought This Year

1814397725524728I assume we’re talking about covers here? And aesthetics overall? First place goes to Illuminae. The cover might not be that stunning, but if you’ve ever seen inside this book you know it’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s a work of art. Then there’s All the Light We Cannot See, which has one of my all-time favorite covers. It looks so good.

What Book Do You Need to Read by the End of the Year

18166936I really want to read the rest of The Raven Cycle (but whether I’ll actually do that is doubtful, but you never know), and The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender. It’s been on my tbr for ages.



I tag: 

  • Everyone who hasn’t done this yet this year! Go go go!

Now tell me, what’s the best book you’ve read this year? What’s the worst? What book came as the biggest surprise? 

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8 thoughts on “Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag

  1. MyPassionIsHappiness says:

    Interesting tag and also your answers! ☺ I will definitely want to do this tag, too!
    I want to read All The Light We Cannot See sooo badly. The cover is stunning! Ahh, I loved the Me Before You movie, it was so emotional and so funny at the same time. And I need to watch Room, because the book was bomb.


  2. Reg @ She Latitude says:

    I still haven’t read Daughter of Smoke and Bone yet but it’s preeeetty high up on my backlist TBR. Glad to see that you enjoy that as well as its sequel.

    And I’m sorry to hear that ADSOM was a disappointment to you! I’m one of those who loved it, but it did take a while to grow on me – the pacing was really, really slow, so I can understand finding it boring, haha. Hope you enjoy This Savage Song though – I’ve read that one and while personally it’s not as good as Schwab’s other works, the world-building is still solid (although the plot is also slow, I’ll say). ❤


  3. Lauren Busser says:

    I am really curious about Fellside. I listened to the audiobook of The Girl with All the Gifts and this audiobook has the same narrator so I might purchase that sometime soon. 🙂


  4. Cassiopeia's Moon says:

    Just found your blog, love it!

    The best book I’ve read this year…It was a reread, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, so how could it go wrong? The worst has to be Sea of Ghosts by Alan Campbell. I just couldn’t. Biggest surprise definitely was The Book of Speculation by Erika Swyler. Completely different to anything I’ve read before (but then, I almost only read fantasy).

    I also did this tag last week. Had so much fun writing it!


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