Make Me Read It Readathon | TBR (POLL RESULTS)

make me read it readathon


Yesterday I spontaneously decided to join this readathon. I didn’t have a ton of time to get votes from you guys, but I got enough, so thank you everyone who voted! If you want to know more about what this readathon is about then check out my last post.

Here are the results

make me readathon

I’m not surprised by how this poll went down, haha.

Thus, my TBR this week is

I doubt I’ll get around to more than that, I don’t even know if I can finish all of these in a week because I’ve got work almost every day. I’ll try though! I’ve started The Raven Boys and I’m way more intrigued than I thought I’d be.

Follow me on twitter @anettesbooks for more updates through the readathon. I’ve already made some Raven Boys predictions.

Thank you again for voting!


Are you participating in this readathon? What are you reading? 

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5 thoughts on “Make Me Read It Readathon | TBR (POLL RESULTS)

  1. amortalreader1 says:

    I was the one vote for Girl on a Train haha! I’m so curious about that one, I hope you enjoy The Raven Boys. It was a 3.5/4 star read for me but I kept getting really confused and lost. It’s definitely one you have to think about and immerse yourself into the world, I had work most of the time so I was just picking it up here and there rather than focusing on it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Anette Reads says:

      I think there were two votes for that one, but the last one (yours?) came in right after I closed the poll. I’m really curious about it too, I think I’ll have to get to it soon anyway 🙂

      Oh, I love books you have to think about! I just hope I won’t find it confusing as well, cause I’ll have to read a bit here and there too. We’ll see! 😀


  2. Holly says:

    Yay, so excited you’ll be reading The Raven Boys! It’s a great one, especially for a readathon. Once you get hooked, you won’t be able to put it down! Happy reading!


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