May 2016 Wrap-Up


Hey, guys! My wrap-up this month is a little bit later than usual, but who cares, right? I read quite a lot this month, at least it’s a lot for me, so I’m happy about that. Here’s to June being at least half as good in terms of reading. 


22363172Days of Blood and Starlight
by Laini Taylor

This series is still so, so good. Hopefully my review will be up soon, I always have a harder time writing positive reviews than negative. 

4.5/5 stars



Eva’s Eye/In the Darkness
by Karin Fossum

Another Norwegian audiobook I listened to on Storytel. This detective is a childhood favorite of mine so I really loved finally getting into the books. I’ll have to rewatch the episodes as well after I’ve read some more.

3/5 stars

22910900The Rest of Us Just Live Here
by Patrick Ness

I hadn’t planned on reading this, at least not yet, but I saw it at the library and figured why not. I read this in pretty much one sitting, it was quick and easy and actually pretty good. I’m not always the biggest fan of contemporary (and this functions a lot like a contemporary, minus a few elements) but this was a nice read, I loved the characters.

4/5 stars

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban5
by J.K. Rowling

A re-read! As good as always, I can’t wait to start Goblet of Fire because that’s the book I’ve read the least for some reason. 

5/5 stars



18774013Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock
by Matthew Quick

Oh man, this was great. It was dark, twisted, touching, and had me on the edge of my seat. I’d figured out most of the big reveals before they were revealed, but pssh, who cares. Loved it. This book has one of the most frustrating mothers I have ever read. Pay attention, woman! Goddamn. Also, Leonard Peacock is the most wonderful name. 

5/5 stars

29505971Come What May
by A.M. Arthur

I got this ARC from NetGalley and it was pretty good. It was cute, but overall not much different from a lot of things I’ve read before. In my review I talk about how this is my experience with the NA genre this far. 

3/5 stars


3715490Don’t Look Back
by Karin Fossum

This is the second book in the Konrad Sejer series (my favorite detective from childhood). I liked the plot of this one more than Eva’s Eye, it’s one of the stories I remember most clearly. 

3/5 stars


25451555Saga Volume 5
by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples

I finally got my hands on volume 5! I found at at the comic book shop, woohoo. This series is still great, I adore it. I especially like Hazel’s narration. 

4.5/5 stars.


Beauty Queens9464733
by Libba Bray

This. is. awesome. It’s a very in your face satire on several things such as beauty standards, sexism, racism, and the patriarchy overall. It’s hilariously funny yet perfectly serious in its message at the same time. If you love satire, feminism, and social commentary you must read this asap.

5/5 stars



The Hypnotist24622299
by Lars Kepler

I’m on a nordic noir roll. I felt like I needed to get on the Kepler train so I started their (‘Lars Kepler’ is the pseudonym for a husband and wife) first book. I’m listening to it on audiobook and it’s really really long, like 18 hours, but I’m enjoying it this far. The plot interests me. 


by Pierre Lemaitre

This is the first book in a French detective series. It’s dark and brutal and I like it. For some reason the second book got translated into English (and Norwegian for that matter) first, so a lot of people assume it’s the first one. I’ve heard you should start with this one though, to avoid spoilers, so I did. 


And I Darken27190613
by Kiersten White

Irène is my first priority, so I’ve only barely started reading this. I’ll get to it properly once I’ve finished Irène. This book is a re-imagining of history where Vlad the Impaler is a girl. Awesome. I hope it’s as good as it sounds. I used to be very into researching Vlad III.


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I was slightly better at posting in May than I was in April, let’s hope June is even better. 

What’s the best and worst book you read in May?

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9 thoughts on “May 2016 Wrap-Up

  1. Holly says:

    I felt the same way about The Rest of Us Just Live Here. It’s not my favorite Patrick Ness book, but it was still an enjoyable read. Sounds like you had a great month of reading!


  2. Yvo says:

    So many great titles! I loved Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock as well and you can never go wrong rereading Harry Potter. The Rest Of Us Just Live Here is high on my TBR pile and I need to continue the Daughter Of Smoke And Bone series one day as well… Although I personally didn’t really like the first book. And I have The Hypnotist on my TBR pile as well, so it’s good to hear you are enjoying it so far.


    • Anette Reads says:

      Depending on what you didn’t like about Daughter of Smoke and Bone, you might like the second book better 😀 It’s definitely more focused on the plot and the action. There’s less romance, though the overarching romance theme of the series is still very much present. I hope you enjoy it, as well as The Rest of Us and The Hypnotist 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yvo says:

        The romance was definitely the worst part of the first book for me, so I’m going to try reading the sequel anyway to see if I like it beter.


  3. j.belk says:

    Looks like you had a great reading month!! I really want to get to Ness’ and Quick’s novels, however I only own FMLP at the moment. Here’s to an even more successful June! 🙂

    -Jess @jbelkbooks


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