Top 5 Wednesday (11) | Characters I’m Most Like

top 5 wednesday

It’s been a while since I’ve done a T5W but I felt like I could answer this topic, so yay. Top 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey @ gingerreadslainey and is currently hosted by Sam @ ThoughtsOnTomes. If you want to join Top 5 Wednesday take a look at the Goodreads group!

The topic of today is “Characters you are most like.” The full task is as follows:

Choose characters you are like, not characters you WANT to be like. You can also choose one character trait you share with a particular character. For example, you may not have Hermione’s bravery, but you do have her book smarts!

Awesome.  I’ll stick to book characters only for this one, even though I could only really think of three characters.. #fail

Simon Spier (Simon VS. the Homo Sapiens Agenda)

simon spier fan art

By ReadLikeMad @ deviantArt

Something about Simon’s personality just spoke to me and I recognized myself in some of the things he was thinking about that I’ve never seen people talk about before. So I was like “aaaay, me too, bro!”








Cath (Fangirl)


By siminiblocker @ tumblr

I didn’t really like Fangirl, but I can’t deny that Cath is me and I am Cath. She is so me on so many levels that it’s not even funny. Though I would never blatantly write fanfic for class, I’m insulted that she was such a moron. 

Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games)

katniss everdeen fan art

By curry23 @ deviantArt

All right, so she’s definitely way braver and way more kickass than me, I’d be the first to die in the Hunger Games, not gonna lie. But I identify a lot with her on a more personal level. That’s what first hit me when I read these books. Give me more stoic, unromantic girls.  

I thought this would be easier than it was. I wanted to pick some characters I feel really similar to though, and not just one or two shared traits. I could have filled the list if I went with non-book characters too, but eh.
Who do you identify with? 
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