March 2016 Wrap-Up


Happy April Fool’s day! Have you pranked or been pranked today? I’ve done neither, I hate being pranked lol. Anyway, here’s my March wrap-up. I had a pretty good reading month but a not so good blogging month. Damn. 


28101707Getting Him Back (ARC)
by K.A. Mitchell

This was a cute New Adult, if a little short. It should have been longer so it could have properly explored the characters and relationships. 

4/5 stars

lgbt fantasyCarry On (ARC)
by Rainbow Rowell

I was so surprised to find this in the “read now” section on NetGalley and I just couldn’t resist. I was skeptical, but I ended up really liking it. I had some issues but overall I found it really entertaining and adorable. 

4/5 stars

the basic eightThe Basic Eight
by Daniel Handler

This is a real interesting book about a teenage girl who commits murder and then rewrites her diary about it. It was a bit slow here and there because of the mundanity of the events she describes, but it goes bananas towards the end and there’s a really good twist there, though I’d managed to guess it (not without several other theories throughout though). 

3.5/5 stars

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets13603662
by J.K. Rowling

This was a reread. It was as amazing as always, I hope I can get to Prisoner of Azkaban in April. 

5/5 stars (no suprise)


ready player oneReady Player One 
by Ernest Cline

I read this as part of a reading circle on the Norwegian equivalent of Goodreads. It’s been on my tbr since last summer so I was happy to finally get to it. I loved it a lot. So nerdy. 

5/5 stars


by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

I’m having a hard time reviewing this book. On one hand I can see why this book is amazing. I love the plot, I love the format, and I love the characters. But even so I found myself feeling a little “ugh” here and there, like it was a little slow, especially the first 3/4. The last portion was really good. I’m torn on how I feel about the ending. 

3.5/5 stars

17926807“The Wide, Wide Sea” (Chaos Walking #2.5)
by Patrick Ness

I’d forgotten all about this short-story! You easily find and read these online, and I really recommend it if you’ve read, or are reading, the Chaos Walking trilogy. This one gave me a lot of Spackle feels, as if I don’t have enough already. 

4/5 stars


the amazing book is not on fireThe Amazing Book is Not on Fire
by Dan Howell & Phil Lester
[mini review]

The only youtuber book I can be bothered with. And these two idiots are also the only youtubers I watch every single video by (well, and also Kingsley. And Lilly Singh) because they’re so naturally funny, they can talk about anything and make it entertaining. So obviously this book is funny too. 



Me Before You me before you
by Jojo Moyes

Yay, read-alongs! I’m reading this with Trang from @bookidote. I’ve barely made a dent in it this far, I’m about 17% in, but I’m enjoying it. Hopefully I’ll have time to finish in a week ._.




Blodets Galskapnorsk fantasy
by Elisabeth Øvreberg
[mini DNF review in Norwegian]

I had to put this down because it wasn’t holding my attention and it had to go back to the library. 



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.Tell me about the best and the worst you read in March! Here’s to April being a better blogging month for me. ;_;

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12 thoughts on “March 2016 Wrap-Up

  1. Moriah says:

    Looks like a pretty great reading month to me! 😀
    It’s nice to hear that The Basic Eight sounds pretty much as I expected. At the moment, it’s the only book of Handler’s (not counting his Snicket titles) I haven’t read yet. I’m saving it for a time when I’m in a good mood for weird content. One of these days…

    The best book I read in March was probably The Infinite Sea by Yancey with Unwind by Shusterman coming in at a close second. The worst was easily City of Glass by Cassandra Clare.

    – Moriah @


    • Anette @ Anette Reads says:

      I didn’t even realize Handler was Lemony Snicket until I was almost done with the book LOL, it completely slipped my mind that it was him. It’s definitely a strange read but quite good, especially if you like character driven narratives.

      Oh, I’ve got Unwind on my tbr, I might actually get to it in April. Glad to hear you liked it! And I’ve always been wary of Cassandra Clare even though I haven’t read anything by her. Doubt I ever will. Thanks for stopping by!


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