Book Traveling Thursday (18) | My favorite classic

book traveling thursday meme
It’s Thursday and time for another Book Traveling Thursday. This weekly meme was created by Cátia @ The Girl Who Read Too Much and Danielle @ Danielle’s Book Blog. Visit their Goodreads group to learn more about Book Traveling Thursday 🙂

The rules are to share covers related to the weekly theme where you include the original cover, the cover from your country, your favorite, and your least favorite. I’ve decided to go for a top 3 and bottom 3 arrangement, because that’s more fun and I get to showcase more covers. 

This week’s theme is “your favorite classic.” My favorite of the ones I’ve read is definitely Wuthering Heights. It’s so dark and gloomy and the characters are fucked up. The prim and proper Pride and Prejudice kind of books aren’t for me, so eeey Emily Brontë, you speak my language. I really wish this wasn’t her only novel. 

I hope this post won’t take forever to make XD Classics have a million different covers…


This might be it. But I could be wrong. It looked something like this anyway. 


stormfulle høyder

There are probably more, but these were the ones I could find with a quick google search. My favorite out of these is the bottom left one, it’s probably the newest out of all of these. It might be too pretty/delicate for this book, but it’s really aesthetically pleasing to me. The worst one is the red one. 


btt books18f.pngI am not looking through all 65 pages on Goodreads. Just nope, not happening. So I’m choosing the ones I already know of and love. Just look at this Penguin Couture edition, isn’t it gorgeous? It’s like they let Tim Burton loose on it. And all the Knickerbocker classics look so good in real life, I drool all over them every time I’m at the bookstore. And the Mr. Boddington’s editions must be the prettiest of them all, I mean look at them. I don’t even know if they’re available to buy anymore ;_;


btt book18sw.pngSo many classic covers are ugly, let’s just admit that. So this is a difficult one, since there are so many to choose from. I’m just going to pick some that catch my eye, because, again, I’m not going through 65 pages. These aren’t necessarily my least favorites of them all, but instead just examples of the type of cover I don’t like. 

The first one is some English edition, not sure who published it. But it’s basically just a photo of some trees with some text slapped on top. The Barnes & Noble Classic is just an example of those ~dramatic painting of nature~ covers I don’t particularly like. And the last one, which seems to be the cover of an audio book, is too bodice-ripper looking for me. 

What’s your favorite classic? What type of cover do you prefer for classics? Dramatic paintings? Old-school leatherbound? Modern flower prints??

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17 thoughts on “Book Traveling Thursday (18) | My favorite classic

  1. ichabod2014ic says:

    Guilty confession:
    I read old books, more often than modern. Not necessarily ‘classics’, but I do like old school detective novels and that sort of thing.
    As to your question, I prefer leather bound editions. 🙂


  2. bftreviews says:

    Penguin Classics has some realllllly nice covers. I had a few on my list this week as well. I haven’t read this book yet but I’d like to one day. There’s always lots of mixed feelings about it but it seems like an interesting read. Nice choice 🙂
    Here’s mine!


      • Lauren @ Wonderless Reviews says:

        I haven’t really read many (yet) but I love Alice in Wonderland and The Yellow Wall-Paper and plan on reading the rest of Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s works. I’m a horror/sci-fi fan so I tend to lean towards the darker ones. I really want to read Edgar Allen Poe’s works and The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Turn of the Screw, 1984 and The Time Machine.


      • Anette @ Anette Reads says:

        Oh, The Yellow Wallpaper is good, I love that one. I’ve never had the opportunity to check out the rest of her works though, I probably should! I’ve read some of Poe’s stuff, and I almost finished The Picture of Dorian Gray. I really enjoyed that book but then I lost my copy of it and haven’t been able to find it LOL. I should just find it online and download it.

        Have you read Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? It’s pretty dark and sci-fi-ish, you might enjoy it 🙂


  3. Kat Impossible says:

    The covers you have chosen for your favourites are beyond gorgeous! Whenever I am hesitant about buying a classic, the cover mostly is the thing that convinces me. THOSE, I would definitely buy them!


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