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top 5 wednesday

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The topic of today is favorite fandoms. Now there are several ways you could interpret this, but I’m going to pick the fandoms I’ve actually interacted most with and been a part of in more ways than just watching the show/liking the music. 


Obviously. Who hasn’t picked the Harry Potter fandom for this? It’s my first fandom, I started getting properly involved with it when I was around 13-14. I did a lot of roleplaying and fanfiction reading/writing and generally just an awful lot of fangirling. I also dressed up for the movie premieres (not very well though, haha). 

Timeframe of most devoted involvement: 2004-2007


Lost show

Is Losties still considered the name of the fandom? No idea, but that’s what it was back in the day. I used to spend all day every day on the lost-forum during the time the show aired and some of the friends I made there are still on my Facebook today. It was such a great community, I’m still sad the forum died down after the show ended. 

Timeframe of most devoted involvement: 2005-2010


Technically I am still in this fandom because my personal twitter still pretty much only contains people I got to know in this fandom and thus we still talk about them, but I don’t write or read fanfiction anymore and I don’t pay attention to everything that happens. Occasionally I make gifs if there’s something I can’t resist, but that’s been a while now too. If you used to like them back in the day, yes, they do still exist, lmao.

This fandom is/was brilliant. Of course it was better before when the hype was bigger, but the people are still awesome and I’ve met some lifelong friends because of this fandom. Shoutout! 

Throwback to when we (the cozy circle in the front) camped out in the snow from 8 in the morning before a concert:

tokio hotel norge 2010

Timeframe of most devoted involvement: 2007-2013/current

Sherlock – Sherlockians

Is that still the name? I’m so out on the loop on some of these. Sherlock hit me like a freight train when I started watching it in 2012, I think it was. It was right before season 2 began, I think. I don’t read that much Sherlock fic anymore, but I used to read soooo often. This fandom had (has?) some of the best fanfic writers I’ve come across in the sense that I very rarely came across a badly written one. It just seemed like the average skill level was pretty high. Sherlock would approve. 

Timeframe of most devoted involvement: 2012-2014


shameless show
I don’t think we have a fandom name, do we? I love this fandom (most of the time…), especially all the great fanfiction it has. It’s amazing, I’ve found some of my all-time favorite fic here. The show itself is kind of rocky right now for me though (that’s what happens when you sink my ship and write out one of my all-time favorite characters in such a disrespectful way. Hmf), but I still enjoy being in the fandom and reading/writing fic. 

Timeframe of most devoted involvement: 2014-current.

What are your favorite fandoms? How do you contribute to the community? Or are you mainly a lurker? 
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16 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday (7) | Favorite fandoms

  1. Richard says:

    I’m definitely in the Potterhead and Sherlockian fandoms having read all the books and all the films/tv shows! Have you seen the Christmas Special of Sherlock? 🙂


  2. Ashley says:

    I didn’t pick the Harry Potter fandom, haha. I only just read the books and watched the movies last year. I also liked my five picks more than HP. I actually enjoyed the movies a lot more than the books too. I think had I read them growing up like everyone else, then I would probably have felt differently. I still love them though. Just not as much as everyone else does.
    I love Sherlock so much. I am so excited that I got into the show. I believe I started to watch in 2013 after my cousin mentioned loving it. I didn’t like the special that just aired too much though, sadly.


  3. Ayunda says:

    I love how creative the Sherlock fandom is. Like, every time a new episode comes out I’ll be able to read so many subtexts and mini details that people noticed from the show! Although there might be some conflict between some of the members of the fandom (don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the people fighting about TJLC) I think we are an awesome group of people for a TV show that only produces new episodes every two years 😭


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