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I was tagged a while ago by Joey @ Thoughts and Afterthoughts. Thanks for tagging me, sorry this is so late! I’m lazy. 

How do you find out about new books to read?

I get a lot of my recommendations from watching Booktube and scrolling through my Goodreads feed. Written book reviews on various blogs with similar tastes to me also help a lot. 

How did you get into reading?

My mom loves reading and she took me and my sister to the library all the time as kids and we’d always come home with loads of books. I got my own library card in when I was two.

How has your taste in books changed as you got older?

I don’t know if it’s changed that much, to be honest. I loved Goosebumps as a kid, and I still love thrillers and scary books. I still love Harry Potter, and even though I don’t like Twilight anymore I still like young adult books. 

How often do you buy books?

Every now and then, though I usually go on a bit of a mini-spree when I do. Especially since the bookstore I shop at always have a BUY 3 FOR 2 thing on English books. I can’t resist that. 

How did you get into book reviewing?

I’ve always wanted to write really long and thought-out reviews for the books that I’ve read but it wasn’t until I started watching Booktube earlier this year that I was really inspired to start. All the book tags and talking about books overall just seemed like a lot of fun. 

How do you react when you don’t like the end of a book?

I can’t really think of a book where I’ve really hated the ending, but I guess I’d just say “fuck this” and rant about it in my review and possibly on twitter too. 

How often do you take a sneak peak at the ending to see if there is a happy ending?

Never. I admit I get a little angry when I hear people do this, hahaha. I just don’t get why, why would you do that to yourself?? Why would you ruin the author’s build-up towards the ending? Shame on you, LOL. I laugh a little when I hear about people that did that with The Fault in Our Stars and got the wrong impression of the ending. Serves you right! I’m the kind of person that will cover the end of a particularly suspenseful page with my hand just so I won’t accidentally glance down and spoil myself. 

I tag:

The Bookgasm

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No pressure to do this if you don’t want to or you’ve already done it. It’s all for fun 🙂 I always try to glance over your book tags to at least make sure you didn’t do it yesterday, but I can’t always go through everything. 

Have a good day everyone! 🙂


14 thoughts on “How I Read Book Tag

  1. Maria says:

    Yay I love getting tagged in things!! Thank you! I am totally with you on covering the ending of a suspenseful page. When I was younger I would always look at the ending of the book and ended up kicking myself for it (still mad I spoiled myself for Half-Blood Prince), and now I’m 100% spoiler-phobic!


  2. ccovertocover says:

    Harry Potter is a book series I feel like can appeal to any reader of any age. I actually think that, as I’m growing (admittedly I’m not the old in the first place, but I’ve aged, haha) I’ve actually come to appreciate the series and thoughtfulness in some of the lessons, world building, meaningful quotes, etc. that J. K. Rowling included in the series. I’m more in love with the books than I ever have been before, and now I try to re-read them at least once a year. It can also annoy me when people intentionally skip to an ending to spoil themselves! Just why?

    Claire @ Cover to Cover

    Liked by 1 person

    • Anette says:

      Yep, I 100% agree with you there. You learn to appreciate all the little things about it when you grow up and rereading any of the books is always a lot of fun. I wish I had the dedication to reread them twice a year! But I think I made up for it when I was younger, I binge-read them all the time.


    • Anette says:

      I miss them too, haha. Unfortunately it might ruin the childhood magic if I were to reread any of them now, because they’re probably not as good to an adult as they are to 12 year olds XD

      Liked by 1 person

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