Favorite Fictional Characters

I got bored and decided to make a list because everyone loves lists and everyone loves fictional characters.

This will be about favorite characters overall, not just in books, but tv shows too. Mostly tv shows to be honest. I chose not to include movies because there are just too many movies to choose from.

Here they are in no particular order. Though the first one is my number one favorite.  


This right here is my number one love. I can’t even express it, I just ashjhjkhvsdfg. What a perfect character, what a good actor. While I side-eye the writers’ treatment of him at the end of season 5, I still love him and his character development has been one of the best that I’ve seen on TV. I wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole in real life, but ugh, what a wonderful character, you deserve so much more screentime, darling. 

Fiona Gallagher is also one of my favorite characters but I’m trying to limit myself to one character per book/show.

(Gif source: myself)


Okay, so all of the clones are wonderful, but Helena has a special place in my heart. Alison too, but I chose to only include Helena on this list.

I love messed up characters and this Angry Angel is definitely one of those. She’s murderous and feral, but childish and so cute. And her role in the “found family” trope I live for makes me want to scream. So great. Helena and Sarah’s relationship is one of my favorites on TV. 

What a coincidence that both characters this far are Ukrainian.
My feelings for Helena (and Mickey too for that sake) can be summed up by this gif:
(Helana gif source: chloebennetsgf
Don’t know the source of the Mushu gif, it’s the kind everyone uses as a reaction gif)

Dean Winchester (SUPERNATURAL)

Supernatural has been one of my favorite shows ever since it started, it’s been with me for such a long time and I love it and I love Dean. It doesn’t matter what happens to the show, Dean will always be a favorite character. 

Somehow I actually ended up having a bit to catch up on, so no spoilers about the last half of the last season! 

(Gif source: supernaturaldaily)

Ron Weasley (HARRY POTTER)

I love Ron, I love him so much. I could write essays on why he’s amazing. I love Harry and Hermione too, but if I have to pick I’ll always pick Ron.

His relationship with Harry, and his relationship to Hermione, are both so great. Ugh. 

The movies did Ron such a disservice, I’m still salty about that. 

Also, the picture is one of my favorite Ron scenes. “No, he must have known you would always want to come back.”


(art source: saehral)

Regina Mills (ONCE UPON A TIME)

For those who don’t know, Once Upon A Time is a tv show that incorporates all sort of fairytales, legends, and Disney movies. Regina Mills is the Evil Queen from Snow White, and I love her. 

Her character development is great. She’s nuanced and you feel for her. I’ve screamed “WILL NO ONE THINK OF REGINA!!!” so many times while watching. 

Once again I’m not all caught up because I fell behind, so no spoilers! I’m still in the middle of the Frozen arc. 

(gif source: mommyregina)

Katniss Everdeen (THE HUNGER GAMES)
The Girl Who Was On Fire: The Most Amazing Hunger Games Fan Art

I identify a lot with Katniss, that’s one of the main reasons why she needs to be on this list. Plus, I just think she’s such a great character and absolutely love how she gives very few fucks about the love triangle she finds herself in against her will. That’s my girl. 

And I kind of have to love her after writing an MA thesis on her. 

(Art source: curry23)

Victor Vale (VICIOUS)

There are no good men in this game. I still haven’t been able to get around to A Darker Shade of Magic, but I really loved veschwab‘s Vicious. It would be such a good film, just saying. I hope someone with many cash dollars realises that soon enough. 

This is a recent favorite, from V.E. Schwab’s superhero/supervillain novel. What is good and what is evil? Can we know? 

Victor is one of those characters that exists in the gray area between good and evil, my favorite type of character (wow, surprise). I love anti-heroes. This book has a lot of great characters but Victor really resonated with me. 

(art source: lokoba)

John Mitchell (BEING HUMAN)

I love everything about this show, what’s not to love about a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost living together? But let’s not speak of the American remake. Yikes. Every character is fantastic, George, Annie, Nina… Perfect cast. But there’s just something about Mitchell, and not just the fact that Aidan Turner’s gorgeous. I love the way he dresses, I love his character development (character development doesn’t necessarily have to be towards the better), I love the banter between him and George. The one where Mitchell freaks out about this TV show being moved is HILARIOUS. I think I need to rewatch the first couple of seasons. 

Also him and Annie are one of my OTPs. 

Now I started thinking about you know what. Fuck. 

(gif source: wherondaled

Sherlock Holmes (SHERLOCK)

Another morally questionable character with slightly stunted emotions. If I didn’t already know I had a type I definitely know now. 

Sherlock is such an intriguing character. While he’s an asshole he also has a lot of heart and Benedict Cumberbatch is also an amazing actor who brings a lot to the character. 

I also love how he’ll just casually do weird or random stuff like in the gif.

(gif source: sherlockbbcgifs)

Jesse Pinkman (BREAKING BAD)

I almost forgot about Jesse, how did that even happen because he’s definitely very high on my list of favorites. Because I almost forgot about him I don’t know how much I trust this list anymore LOL. WHO ELSE DID I FORGET?

Anyway. Jesse is a gift, that’s all I can say. I was so worried about him through the entirety of this show. 

Yeah, science!

(gif source: jessiepinkman)


Kate Austen (LOST

LOST is my favorite TV show, just like Supernatural I watched this since the beginning, so naturally I have favorite characters from the show. Kate and Sawyer most importantly. I have so much love for both of them but I chose Kate for this list. 

Once again, morally questionable. Haunted by her past. Everything I’m a fan of. I never get tired of her flashback episodes. 

(gif source: vetica)


.I’m stopping myself there, I think. I’ve probably forgotten some that really do belong on the list, but oh well. Maybe I’ll add them when I remember. 

What are some of your all-time favorite characters? Do we share any?

And now when you know the type of character I tend to gravitate towards I always welcome recs \o/

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